Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Decorating and Home Staging?

Home Staging is a non-personal style of decor that is neutral, enhancing features of a home, showing more space and creating a visual appeal that a majority of potential buyers will like and connect to.  Decorating is all about personal style and specific taste which may or may not appeal to potential buyers.

I have so much “stuff” to move that I’m overwhelmed! Where do I start?

First you have to start with one room. Decide what you are going to do with everything in that room including the stuff in the closets. Divide everything into three categories: Keep, Donate, Throw Out. Pack the “keep” if you won’t be using the item in the next 30 days, remove the “donate” and bring to person or charity as soon as possible, and take the items that are in the “throw out” pile to the curb on garbage day, to the dump or rent a garbage bin.

"Keep" items to pack include furniture, pictures, books, clothing, extra linens, towels and bedding, toys (the kids will love when you unpack these in the new place because they will have forgotten about them and think they got new toys – it really works), cards and memorabilia that you never look at and never will, and of course anything that you haven’t used in the last year! Then go through that “keep” pile one more time just in case! Think of all the charities that will benefit from items that you no longer use or need. Not to mention of course, the environment that is being saved when you Reuse and Recycle!

Now CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN everything – like you have royalty visiting! You're moving anyway, so the sooner you start the process, the better!

I love clothes and shoes and my closets are jam packed. I was told that I should take out some of my stuff but I need to have access to the different outfits. Any ideas?

I love clothes and shoes too! The first thing you should do is remove anything you really, really do not want or use anymore (see my note on Keep, Donate, Throw Out below). Let’s face it, you really don’t need your winter coat in July and you really don’t need your flip-flops in January, unless you are going on a tropical vacation. Just pack those seasonal items away. Potential buyers may look in that jam packed closet and think that the space is too small so you need to eliminate these extras so as not to create that impression. Besides, it will lessen the amount of packing you have to do when you sell your home.  Another great opportunity to make closets look great is using the same hangers and removing all the extra unused hangers!

My furniture is really worn out and I will be getting rid of it. If I do that before I sell my house, it will leave it looking empty and I heard that it’s harder to sell that way. I am not sure what the best thing to do is?

If you are really not keeping the furniture, go ahead and get rid of it before you list your home. Old, worn out furniture does not show well. You are right about the difficulty to sell empty homes. It is challenging for potential buyers to visualize furniture placement, room size and layout when there is no furniture in a room. The best thing to do is rent or borrow furniture. A professional stager will be able to recommend the right items. We have furniture for rent as well as use rental companies to provide our clients with what they need.

I have a small hole in my wall. Is it okay to just cover it with a picture or what else can I do?

Fix it. If a potential buyer notices the hole behind the picture, it will create doubt and concern that there are more “hidden” issues with the home. It is worthwhile to spend the time and money necessary to repair that hole. Staging is about enhancing a home’s features, not hiding problems.

I have dark navy blue walls in my livingroom and diningroom that work really well with my furniture and decor. Do I really have to paint them boring beige?

Your house probably looks fabulous and as you mentioned, the wall colour works well with your decor. It is important however, that your home reflects colours that are neutral and appeal to the majority of potential buyers. Neutral colours provide a larger variety of decor options and they really don’t have to be a boring beige.

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Certified Staging Professional / Professional Colour Consultant